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Acqua Santa is a thermal mineral water, classified as bicarbonate-sulphur calcium. Mineral water treatment is purifying, detoxifying, stimulates the metabolism and helps eliminate the effects of long-term pharmacological treatment.
To be drunk in the mornings on an empty stomach, from the spring, in the park bearing the same name, where it comes out at a constant temperature of 33°, for cycles of at least 12 days - in agreement with the NHS - according to the doctor's prescription. It is indicated for ailments of the liver and bilious tract, such as gastro-enteric and bilious dyspepsia, bilious calculi, after surgical operations on the bilious tract. Treatment with Acqua Santa helps digestion and the absorption of food fats.





Acqua Fucoli flows out at 16,5° and is a cold mineral water containing bicarbonate, sulphur and calcium. To be drunk in the afternoon, after digestion, from the spring in the park bearing the same name; it causes an increase in the production of bile stimulating its flow.
It has an anti-inflammatory action on the gastroduodenal mucus. Acqua Fucoli is rich in calcium, prevents osteoporosis and is indicated for bowel motility.



Acqua Sillene, used in carbon dioxide balneotherapy and in the preparation of thermal mud, flows at 38,5° in the Sillene centre, situated on the hill where the Etruscans used to celebrate their rites. Acqua Sillene is characterized by a high level of free carbon dioxide.
It is used for hydrotherapy to complete mineral water treatment and as a base for mud baths of the liver area, in baths and mud for the treatment of arthrorheumatic pathologies.



The water of the Santissima spring, classified as bicarbonate sulphur calcium alkaline earthy water, is used in Terme di Chianciano for inhalations, aerosol therapy for adults and children, nasal showers, insufflations. This hypothermal water (it flows out a 24 °) acts as an anti-inflammatory, mucolytic and sedative agent on the mucus of the upper respiratory tract and on the bronchial tree.
It is effective against rhinitis, sinusitis, tracheitis, laryngitis, chronic bronchitis and asthmatic bronchitis, for which inhalation therapies with sulphurous water are not always suitable.



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